Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is Water

It has definitely been a while.

*tap, tap* Hello? Anyone out there?

I've been thinking of starting this thing up again for a while, just *life* got in the way. You know, busy adult with many important things to do. That's me, I guess? I suppose I was too occupied with living to stop and write about it.

Anyway, I watched this today, and it reminded me I have this blog that started out aiming to talk about this kind of stuff -- adulthood and discovering what it is all about because, ready or not, you're an adult now!

The video was a commencement speech, though the visual additions really improve it. I am not sure I would appreciate it the same way as a senior graduating from college (especially looking forward into the great expanse of opportunity that...oh, right, I graduated in 2009 and hardly anyone had jobs waiting for them! I could count myself one of the lucky, however), but exactly 4 years to the day after my own commencement from USC, I can say I am familiar with the tedium and repetition of adulthood, the day-in/day-out of it all.

Four freaking years later. I was in high school for 4 years, I was in college for 4 years, and now I have been out of college for 4 years. What did I graduate from this time? Oh, right, I am still in this nebulous expanse of adulthood. Do I ever graduate? How many life achievements do I need to reach first? Where do I exchange tickets for prizes?

But so much has happened! I have had three jobs as a Software Engineer (even if my job title wasn't always specifically that), I have lived in three separate apartments in two separate cities, once with three  roommates, always with three  cats, and one amazing boyfriend. I have learned so much and collected far too many hobbies. It is hard to believe how much time has passed. There is so much life to live!

I would like to say my day-in/day-out is a bit better than the video depicts. I did go to the grocery store to buy dinner supplies tonight, but it was on the way home from work (not significantly out of the way, and I didn't have to drive! yay for carpooling!), and it was Trader Joe's instead of Ralph's, and the Trader Joe's checkers are always very friendly (also: free samples!), and I almost always use a hand basket and bring my own bag and patiently wait in line before making small talk with the checker ("No, I haven't tried this flourless chocolate cake yet, but yes, it looks delicious! The almond flour I am buying? Why yes, I am turning into one of those trendy adults who is avoiding wheat products, but I have no idea what I am doing!"), because honestly, the work day is over! Stop rushing! Interact with these other people who operate in different worlds from you and are not the people you busy about with at work all day. "How's the water?" (In all honesty, I beeline for the self-checkout at Ralph's if I don't have any alcohol; it's kind of sad when the checkers are standing alone while everyone rushes through the self-checkout).

My life isn't too exciting. I definitely fall into that white collar pile, wrung out by the end of the day (oh, and the end of the week looks like death, with sleep addiction over the weekend) from the working and the thinking and the rushing, balancing a million work things in my head along with a million life-as-a-whole things in my head, and when I get home, I enjoy my dinner and some Netflix, sometimes lots of Netflix, sometimes some wine or a beer, sometimes some video games, many times some cuddling with cats and/or boyfriend, and, if I happen to be particularly driven, I work on something else after work, and my mind will be buzzing all night long while I am trying to sleep.

I have told my boyfriend this, at times when I have been frustrated by work, which comes and goes, that I'd like to work towards the ability to work for myself. That would probably take place at home, because I like being at home (after all, I have worked so hard for years and years to have money to pay rent in a nice apartment and buy many nice things to occupy my time until I have to go to work again!), and consist of making things to support myself. Those things would be some combination of mobile apps, web content, and other software. The point is, I would make things well, things that generate income either from consumer purchase or traffic, things I enjoy making, and be my own boss in the process.

Some day. Not today. For now, I continue to learn and to improve. Some of that happens at work, some of it happens on my own time at home after work. I can't let the boring stuff get me down!

When that day comes, I will still get stuck in traffic, I will still go to the grocery store, I will still make dinner, and I will still have chores. Those tedious adult tasks will still be there, even if my life changes.

This is water; just keep swimming!

I think that was my point? This whole post didn't really glue together well. I clearly need more practice.

Perhaps I'll remember to blog again soon.

Holy ramblings, Batman! Time for bed!