Thursday, July 8, 2010

LA LA Living

So in an attempt to fix my life, I took 4 weeks off of work to go to LA to find a new job down here.

Last week felt like the final week of school before summer vacation. Work dragged on and on!  Not having enough work to do was part of the problem, but also because I could_not_wait to live with Kevin for a whole month.

My vacation started off pretty awesomely. The boyfriend came up with a friend, and we went to a 21st birthday party like we were still in college or something, and then went to the county fair for 4th of July festivities and fireworks.

Then I packed up all my worldly possessions and drove until I reached Culver City and found a parking spot.

I got a really nasty sore throat over the weekend so the first few days were pretty tame. I slept in pretty late, justified by the idea that sleep helps you get well faster. I even went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and watched One Tree Hill on the soap network while making dinner for the boyfriend before he came home. I felt like a real housewife! Only content with that status. Maybe they all start out that way.

Then I got down to business and applied to hella jobs. I even passed the phone screen and have an interview on Monday! How awesome am I??

Overall, it's summer time and the living's easy.

It's definitely difficult to get down to business. I made a daily schedule for myself to keep me on track and productive, but so far I have not succeeded in meeting said schedule. But honestly, things keep getting in the way. Like being sick. And the first day I didn't have a desk yet to set up my computer, and the boyfriend's computer like committed suicide while I was doing the dishes. And the gym is closed for painting. And the boyfriend gave me a puzzle ring for our anniversary and I took it apart too quickly and I spent like 2 hours trying to put it back together but failed, and it's the one puzzle ring that doesn't have good instructions or a video of any kind, which makes me sad because I never got to wear it. 

Being an adult is difficult when it's summer and you don't have to get dressed and go to work and and there's a pool in the courtyard (not that I've used it yet) and there's lots of delicious food to cook and eat.

Tomorrow I'll get up earlier and get down to business faster.  Maybe.  If I get my coffee maker working.

Overall, though, I'm excited. Because I'm taking the first big step to making my life happier, like a real goddamn adult.

I'll keep you updated.


p.s. I made my puff pastry recipe for ICBC, but it failed miserably (read: the puff pastry refused to stay whole and leaked a flood of brie cheese everywhere, which burned in the pan. It was still tasty, but it wasn't beautiful or photogenic in any way. I'll try it again -- or a different recipe entirely -- and post a recipe + picture if that one turns out better.


  1. You guys have a POOL?! KT and I may have to crash there some afternoon now that it's actually sunny and summery weather.

  2. Haha yeah there is one PacMan-shaped pool with a pie-slice-shaped hot tub in the main area (next to the gym and club house with the unbalanced billiards table that Kevin still hasn't used even though I bought him a kick-ass set of marbled pool balls for our anniversary), and a "laps" pool a little ways away, and then a secret hot tub like 3 flights of stairs down the hill Kevin lives on (at what I suppose is the 1st floor? Kevin lives in the 8th floor but on his side of the building, the elevator has lower parking, upper parking, and floors 6-9, and the other side of the building apparently stole all the other floors).

    We'll probably have a BBQ soon and invite y'all =)