Sunday, July 25, 2010

(LA) Summer Kickoff

While this weekend's festivities were scheduled around my boyfriend's friend visiting, I internally felt like it was a celebration of me officially moving down.

I spent two days furiously apartment hunting with the frustration of finding one all by myself but knowing it had to also be good enough for my boyfriend to move into, since he got a short-term lease anticipating my near-future move.  I can't even feel frustrated over that "wasted time" because my weekend was that good.  It started with an old computer science friend advising me that it will be better to just suck it up and squeeze into my boyfriend's studio with him for the remaining 4 months of his lease instead of paying far too much for a mediocre apartment.

A large part of my aversion to this outcome was that I would have to leave my cats with his mom, who lives in the middle of a mountainous forest, and I worry they will get lost and die, but my friend told me to stop being such a worried parent.  I also think perhaps that I was determined to be more in control of this move, not just moving away with my boyfriend.  Another part of it was probably feeling like this apartment is more his than mine, which for the last year at my Mountain View apartment made me feel less entitled to space and decisions (like "no shoes inside" and "we're keeping 3 mountain bikes in the living room" and "sorry there's only one towel rack in the bathroom" and "good luck fitting your food anywhere because we like to have large quantities of chilled beer"), but I've been here for 3 weeks and I feel comfortable enough.  Plus I think as the girl and with my culinary contributions that I will have some leverage.

So I decided to move in with my boyfriend!  How crazy is that??  I've started a list of what all I need to bring down instead of putting into storage, and in place of more apartment hunting, I spent Friday with my boyfriend's visiting friend -- got my iPhone 3G replaced for being defective, was treated to lunch, and watched Salt at The Grove -- and it was glorious.  I suppose I was kind of stressing out over the resignation letter I had drafted that day, but after I sent it later that afternoon, not even it could ruin the weekend.

The weekend was pretty ordinary, all thing considered.  We went out to a really trendy (but expensively delicious) Korean BBQ place in Culver City (where we technically live) for dinner and went barhopping in the area, topping off the night with pomegranate hookah.

Saturday I had the awesome idea to preface a night of drinking downtown with a BBQ:

Most of the guests were my boyfriend's friends (though I have come to know them pretty well, and one of them I knew before I even met my boyfriend), but when setting out the platter of pre-skewered vegetables, I remembered this was my future (even if only briefly) home, and I was a co-host of the summer BBQ shindig.

It was a casual gathering that ended with drinks by the pool, and utterly delicious.  I can't wait to do it again.

So here's to more awesome summer activities with my boyfriend (though the summer is already half over...why did it take so long to warm up?!), and then a cozy fall in this tiny studio, and then many more in the life that follows.

Welcome to LA.

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